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Prestige Green Touch Cleaners is one of Los Angeles premier dry cleaning companies. We are a full-service Certified Green dry cleaning company with many years of experience in the dry cleaning industry in the Los Angeles area. We offer the following services to Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Pacific Palisades & Brentwood customers.

Prestige Green Touch Cleaners Same  Day Services 

 Last Minute Services

Sometimes people simply forget that they are invited to a party or they have a very important meeting or just a business trip.


Don't Worry, we are here for you to help you! Dry Cleaning, Wet Cleaning, Laundry & Alterations Just bring your garment before and we will do our best to have it ready for you as soon as possible!

At Prestige Green Touch Cleaners we can remove most of the stains with our the latest method of green dry cleaning products

Professional Stain Removal

Wet Cleaning or Dry Cleaning from Blood to Oil.


To remove any stain on any fabric spicily old & yellow delicate fabric needs knowledge and experience.

The first rule in treating stains is to do so as quickly as possible. Don’t wait too long.

The longer stains remain on fabrics, the harder they are to remove and even sometimes almost impossible to be removed, old stains can attract insects and you may end up with holes or discolorations where stains once existed.

methods to tackle different types of stains from oil to blood to dye transfer.

 Delicate fabrics need delicate treatment.

We check every garment for stains that may need additional or different treatment.

Most people think BLEACH will remove any stain, this is wrong assumptions

Before we use the solution on the stained, we make sure to test it to make sure it will not harm your garment.


Don’t use bleach. Harsh chemicals like bleach are likely to harm silks and natural fibers.


We perform extensive stain removal and cleaning procedures to make your garments look fresh and clean. Thoroughly experienced professionals bring their lifelong cleaning craftsmanship to your garments. Delicate dry cleaning, hand washing, and wet cleaning techniques are all utilized to protect your clothing investment. Garment restoration is available.


Please remember always clean your suit or outfit together 

Do you need same day alterations? 

We are here to help, please call us at 310-652-1200 or 652-1210 and ask for Homa our seamstress, telling us what kind of garment and what alteration needs and when you need, can help her to understand and figure out how long it would take and if we can do the job for you or not.  

Try to avoid as much as possible any same day dry cleaning Why?

To do a perfect job on any fabric especially Silk and linen need to spend more time to remove the stain, sometimes need to dry clean the same garment twice.  Unforchunetly, some dry cleaners when it comes to doing the same day dry cleaning they just do stem cleaning or only spot cleaning whit out telling the customer and customer pay full prices for not a perfect job.

At Prestige Green Touch Cleaners we are always honest whit our customers and we disclose everything up front to make sure our customer's satisfaction.    

We use K4 solution:

State-of-the-art Dry Cleaning Wet Cleaning & Laundry technology for all fabric care.


what is dry cleaning K4 solution; SOLVONK4 has very different properties from conventional solvents in dry-cleaning.

It is a halogen-free, organic solvent with a pureness of > 99 % and excellent cleaning performance. The innovative solvent is not only able to dissolve and absorb lipophilic (fats, greases, and oil) but also hydrophilic soil (water-soluble soil).


Please call us at 310-652-1200 or 310-652-1210 if you have any questions about any of our services especially for same day service.

Please keep in mind that Some alterations can't be down on the same day 



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