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We Don't Use Cancer-Causing Solvents or Any Toxic Solvent!

Dry Cleaning

Prestige Green Touch Cleaners is one of Los Angeles's premier dry cleaning companies. We are a full-service Certified Green dry cleaning company with many years of experience in the dry cleaning industry in the Los Angeles area. We offer the following services to Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Pacific Palisades & Brentwood customers.

They are so many dry cleaners in the Los Angeles area but not all the same!


 What makes Prestige Green Touch Cleaners deferent from others Cleaners? 

Non-Toxic, Non- Odor, Non-Hazardous


These days most Dry Cleaners use a cheap detergent for Drycleaning & Laundry! Why?

To Save $$$


We use non-water-based organic solvents to remove soil and stains from your clothes. Our extensive experience, environmentally responsible state-of-the-art dry cleaning operating the plant and detailed expertise in the field of dry cleaning paying extra attention to details, inspecting each garment be for and father cleaning to assure that we have provided the finest and the best quality job. The deferent fabric needs a deferent method to remove the stain, our experienced spotter using both soaking and individual stain removal techniques, many of which are proprietary. We can handle all of your clothing care needs, including the following: Silks, Satins, Taffeta Organza, Cotton & Cotton Blend, Twill, Belgian Linen, & Irish Linen, Formal Wear, Wedding Gowns, Knit Blocking, Fur, Leather & Suede. Fabric restoration is the process of refurbishing fabric items after they have been affected by fire, smoke, water, or mold. Our Restoration specialists use technologies and procedures to restore fabric-related items to their pre-loss condition. These processes are specifically designed and tailored to address the challenges posed by particular types of damage. In addition to concerns about an item’s appearance, considerations such as smell and structural integrity are taken into account. The smells associated with fire and water-related disasters are often dealt with by subjecting the item(s) to ozone treatments that break down the foreign particles that cause the odor.

Some customers ask us if they can wash the garment at home?

The answer is Yes, you can try, but keep in mind that there is always a chance of,


  • Shrinkage    

  • Discolorations

  • Stretching

  • Tearing

  • Dis Forming

  • Color Bleeding

  • Destroying delicate trimmings

  • Fading

  • Pilling

  • Coarsening

  • Stains Remain

  • Texture

  • Buttons


Moths love natural fibers; Cotton, Linen (made from flax), Silk, Wool, Cashmere, Hemp, Jute, and almost as much as they like open flames.  Moths lay their eggs in dark, quiet spots where there is plenty of food, spots with animal fibers like cashmere, wool, and silk, making your closet a prime target. When the moth eggs hatch, the inchworm-like larvae go to town on your wardrobe.


How to get rid of moths?

You have to keep all your clothes clean at all times. Dry cleaning is your first option. If not, you have to wash your garment whit HOT WATER!   (Hot Water Can Damage or Discolor your Delicate Fabrics!)

You must vacuum your closet regularly - they can lay eggs in carpets. Keep your wardrobe ventilated, as moths are attracted to warm, humid spaces. Hang clothing made from natural fibers on cedar hangers to repel the moths. Put extra cedar items in.

Do not leave your clothes in a plastic bag for a long time. 

Dirty clothing can also attract vermin and insects, damaging your clothing.


If you want to minimize the risk of damaging your garments, bring your garment to us or call us at 310-652-1200.

We will help you to find the best method of cleaning.


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