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What is Dry Cleaning? 
Common inquiries regarding a solvent used in dry cleaning.


What Are the Benefits of Dry Cleaning? 

Dry cleaning removes stains and dirt from clothing and other fabrics without risking shrinkage or damage. Using soap and water, traditional laundry services can shrink, damage, or discolor clothing, while dry cleaning cleans and protects it. For some fabrics and garments, dry cleaning is the only safe option.


What is Dry Cleaning?
Dry cleaning is the only safe and highly effective method for cleaning delicate and non-washable fabrics. Inserting the items into specialized machines and exposing them to a solvent through a gentle tumble action ensures thorough cleaning without causing any damage, even to the most fragile fabrics.

How Long Does Dry Cleaning Take?


What is a dry cleaning machine?

A dry cleaning machine is a highly sophisticated computer-controlled device that employs a specialized liquid solvent instead of water to remove stains and dirt from clothing and textiles effectively

What kind of solvent do dry cleaners use?

 Most dry cleaners use petroleum solvent PERC or hydrocarbon. (Perc will no longer be used in dry cleaning operations in California by January 1, 2023.)

According to my research, most dry cleaners in California use hydrocarbon solvents due to their cost-effectiveness.

Roughly 90-95% of dry-cleaning in California employs this solvent.

Is it safe to dry clean any garments, and what clothes should not be dry cleaned??
No, not every fabric can be dry-cleaned! It is not safe. We don't recommend dry-cleaning fabrics or clothing that contains or is made from plastic, paper, polyurethane, or PVC. There is a significant and almost 99% possibility that these fabrics can be destroyed during the dry cleaning

Is dry cleaning better than wet cleaning?



Dry cleaning is proven to remove stains more effectively than washing machines. Unfortunately, some stains are permanent, and the best cleaning methods cannot remove them. If you notice a stain on your clothes, do not try to remove it yourself. Washing a stain or attempting to remove it with a home remedy can actually ingrain it further into the fabric and make it permanent. Quickly take the item in question to Comet Cleaners, where our trained laundry professionals will try to remove it.

Certain fabrics or clothing items cannot be dry cleaned. Materials made from plastic, paper, polyurethane, or PVC mustn't be subjected to dry cleaning as it will inevitably destroy them.


Can dry cleaning remove ODOR?

 The short answer is NO. The dry cleaning process can only remove 70% to 80%!

Most odors, especially (Body odor), When people sweat, the water, salt, and fat mix with this bacteria and can cause odor. To be able to remove the scent. We at Prestige Green Touch use different methods; WET CLEANING is the best way to achieve the best result. 

​Dry cleaning doesn't work well on odor issues, especially those caused by perspiration. So, consider your alternatives if a garment needs cleaning because it stinks.

How Long Does Dry Cleaning Take?
The top-quality dry cleaning process at Prestige Green Touch Cleaner takes between 24 to 72 hours, or sometimes even more. It all depends on the fabric colors and the stain. Some items, such as wedding gowns, silk suede, and leather, require extra care and will take longer. Prestige green touch cleaners, specialized in expensive and natural fabrics.

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